China two component mold

Being leading multi shot mold maker from Huangyan, specialist manufacturing 2 component & 3 component molds for worldwide clients. 

Our special advantages of two color mold making: 

- Bi injection mold with rotational system 

     - Experienced to choose the right location of colored product for two colors easy and precision jointing; 

     - Interchangeable structure of core/ cavity, to realize different pattern of colored product; 

     - Precision parameters setting of rotary table/ rotary axis two component injection molding machine, ensure excellent running of two color molds. 


- Two molds injection with over molding

Unique mold design successfully solve locating problem of innier colored part, to have second shot injection.

Greatly boost quality output, lower reduction rate of defective parts.

As we know by over molding, it is working depends on labor hands, which directly influence final colored products. 

two color mold
two color mold
two color mold
two color mold
two color mold
two color mold
PP & TPE - two color mold
interchangeable toothbrush mold - axis rotary
houseware two color mold
PP & TPE - medical cap mold
flip top cap - two color mold
auto lamp - two color mold
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