Professional supply high speed thin wall injection mold, rectangular mold for plastic packaging.


How to choose the right steel for thin wall molds? 

Under high speed high pressure injecting, steel hardness must be HRC42 above, to guarantee mold lifetime. NAK-80 or 718H only with HRC30 above. Even H13 is the basic steel for thin wall molds. In additionally, raw material usually should be clear transparent, which requires steel polishing property. 

Above all, suggest S136 with HRC43-45.

H13 with HRC43-45 can be the second choice for economic invest. 

0.8L oval tub - cavity cooling
0.8L oval tub - core cooling
0.8L oval tub - thin wall mold
0.8L oval tub - thin wall mold
0.8L lid - cavity cooling
0.8L lid - core cooling
0.8L lid - thin wall mold
thin wall mold
2L rectangular tub - thin wall mold
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